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Our plans for the future

During 2013/14 The Long Shop Museum has undertaken a major programme of organisational development. This was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Working with consultants Vanessa Trevelyan and Helen Mitchell, and marketing agency Shorthose Russell, the Curator and Trustees have:

  • 40439 tokens 01 bg colproduced a Business Plan 2014-17
  • undertaken a programme of trustee and volunteer development
  • agreed a new brand for the museum and explored its impact on displays, events and activities
  • created a new corporate identity, leaflet and other materials
  • written a marketing strategy 2013-16 and undertaken marketing development work including creation of a Communications Plan.

This development work has been undertaken to strengthen the museum and prepare it for the submission to Heritage Lottery Fund of a capital funding bid. Work on this application is currently on-going and will include;

  • re-displays of key areas
  • creation of a museum workshop as a centre for activities, training etc

In the summer of 2014, a grant from Suffolk Coastal District Council enabled us to work with Helen Mitchell and Starfish Design in the creation of this new website, which, along with our 2014 leaflet is the first expression of the museum’s new brand.