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Suffolk Steampunk Spectacular

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2017

Join us for a weekend of Steampunk family fun that will get your gears and cogs whirring!

Discover the retrofuture of Steampunk, a period in popular culture highlighted through literature, art, music, manners, spaceships, time-travel, rayguns, cake and tea… think Doctor Who, but with more top hats and less aliens. Workshops, exhibitions, talks, performances, parades and a huge market all await in the Long Shop, as we celebrate one of the biggest weekend events of the year.
Something for Steampunks, non-Steampunks, adults, families and time travellers to enjoy!

Steampunk Exhibition
Curated Steampunk Market
Workshops including Upcycle a Steampunk Outfit
Demonstrations – Cooking with Gin session!
PLUS: Promenade Parade with real steam, tea duelling, High Noon Nerf Shoot Out, Steampunk Storytime and a Century or C.A.K.E!

Don’t miss our special evening events:

Friday 21st July, 5.30-7.30pm Steampunks ‘v’ Zombies!
There has been a terrible accident… again
Can you get out of the museum alive?
Get to all the checkpoints on site without getting infected and you may be lucky!
This activity is suitable for children, adults, families and the undead!
Bring an unmodified NERF to protect yourself! £5 per person, including entry to the Museum out of hours (beware the ZOMBIES!!!)
Saturday 22nd July – 8-10pm An Evening with the Spirits
Join us for a ghost walk with a twist. Learn about two types of spirits, those that are said to walk the halls of this historic landmark and the ones in the bottles marked GIN.
This activity is suitable for 18+ only. £5 per person, including entry to the Museum out of hoursTickets available here: