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What is the 100 Club?

The Long Shop Museum’s 100 Club is an important way for us to raise much needed funds.

All money raised is used to help maintain and improve the Long Shop Museum and its facilities for the benefit of our community, visitors, volunteers and staff.

Each month 50% of the subscriptions go towards supporting the Museum and 50% is allocated for two draw prizes. The first winner receives 60% of the prize fund, and the runner up receives 40%. Our aim is to get at least 100 members, each paying multiples of £5 monthly. Membership is just £5 per share per month.

Members may leave at any time, without notice, by simply cancelling their standing order.

In accordance with ASA regulations (CAP code section 8.28.5) the surnames and first initial of winners are published each month on this website.

Prize Winners

Below is our prize winner’s list. If you would like to join the 100 Club, please complete and submit the membership form shown at the bottom of this page.

First Prize
Second prize
April Nightingale, C Gahagan, D
March Dobson, D Nightingale, C
February Cooper, T Watson, R
January Garrett, J Jobson, D
December Paris, A Hawkes, A
November Nightingale, C Martin, J
October Cotton, J Haxell, G
September Wilton, M Huxley, F
August Moreby, N Whittaker, A
July Young, S Garrett, D
June Rayner, A Gahagan, D
May Wyllie, M Barker, C
April Wyllie, M Friend, J

Membership Form

If you would like to join the 100 club and help support the Museum, please complete and return the form below.

100 club application Form 2019