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Buick Restoration Project

Buick Restoration Project

This exciting project, entirely run by our volunteers, is to restore the 1934 Buick car used by Garretts to ferry around its important visitors. The car was recently rescued as a rusty pile of parts from a farmer's field and work is now underway to restore it to its former glory. This is a popular project attracting a number of new and extremely enthusiatic volunteers and is part of our growing programme of community engagement.
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£2,000.00 donated of £5,000.00 goal
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The Museum has been fortunate to have been donated a 1934 Buick that was once used by Garretts to ferry around its important visitors. The car has been completely dismantled by a previous owner who unfortunately did not manage to start, let alone complete, the actual restoration. The car has been sitting, in component form, in a field for sveral years and is in rather a state. However, we have decided that the car should be restored to its former glory, perhaps one day going back out on the road to represent the Museum at other venues and events for years to come. The work will, as far as possible, be carried out by volunteers and has already attracted new recruits to join us for the task. This is also an excellent social opportrunity for the community where like minded people can enjoy working together on a project that will deliver real results. Your support will not only help us rebuild a lovely old car, it will help provide a real opportunity for people who are often otherwise isolated to learn and practice a whole range of skills including general mechanics, body work, upholstery and many others. The team here would be most grateful for your support in transforming the car from the state below to the state above…!



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