Telephone: 01728 832189

The Long Shop has lots of fun things for families to enjoy exploring and doing together.

  • Children love to discover the mini-home of our ‘working van’.We Love KIM Logo
  • Loads of clothes to dress up in for adults and kids – perfect for photo-shoots and selfies!
  • Get stuck in and make sand-moulds in our pattern boxes.
  • Museum trails, jigsaw puzzles and make your own engine rubbings.
  • Large garden with a wendy house and space to play, and tables with plenty of space for a picnic in the sun.
  • Plus we’re right next to Leiston’s Recreation Ground with acres of space to run free!

The Long Shop Museum is a strong active supporter of young people and families in Museums. We have signed up in support of the national Kids in Museums Manifesto, which contains 20 ways to make museums more family friendly. Find out more about Kids in Museums Buy Xanax Prescription Online

The Museum is also proud to call itself a Children’s University Learning Destination. If you havlogo_brande your own University passport why not try out one of our trails, or join a Workshop Wednesday to earn some out of the classroom learning time.


Leiston Family Pass

Does your family live in IP16 4? Then you can purchase a Leiston Family Pass with great benefits for everyone!

The pass covers either one or two adults with up to three children and allows FREE admission to the museum for 12 months including special events such as Steam Up and Final Fling! Plus free entry to our family activity days and events, and free family trails during the school holidays.

One Adult family: £18           Two Adult family: £25          Proof of IP16 4 postcode needed on purchase.


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As well as our packed 2016 programme of family events, every school holiday the museum runs a family trail to help explore the museum.

The first begins in Easter, where eggs must be found to discover the secret Spring word. Search high and low, and don’t forget to collect your special chocolate treat!

Plus during May half term, summer holidays and October half term there will be more fun and mystery to be had with our changing trails available every day.

50p per trail plus normal museum entry, prize upon completion.  For more information: Buy Valium Cambodia

Family Events 2016

Keep and eye out on our exciting programme of event this year, and our Workshop Wednesdays for families.
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Early Years Learning

We are developing twelve topic boxes for under 5s. Each one is designed to encourage active learning for children as they explore different areas of the museum. Themes include fire engines, farming, hats and wheels. Materials range from stories to craft activities. The boxes are designed to be used by both groups and individual families.

Book a topic box and use it as the focus for a self-led session in the museum. Groups are welcome to use the Garrett Room as a base and both this, and the garden, are perfect for picnics.

Pre-school Events