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Telephone: 01728 832189

Buy Phentermine Website


Buy Phentermine Website

Any donation, large or small, will help us to keep this iconic museum open for future generations as well as helping us to improve the services, facilities and experience that we are able to offer to our visitors and community. At any one time we operate one or more appeals – you may prefer to donate to a specific project or to general maintenance and improvements, just select your preference below; whichever you choose it will be hugely appreciated by all of us working at the Museum.

  1. Buick Restoration Project

    This exciting project, entirely run by our volunteers, is to restore the 1934 Buick car used by Garretts to ferry around its important visitors. The car was recently rescued as a rusty pile of parts from a farmer's field and work is now underway to restore it to its former glory. This is a popular project attracting a number of new and extremely enthusiatic volunteers and is part of our growing programme of community engagement.
    £1,500.00 donated of £5,000.00 goal

  1. Conserving the Long Shop

    Help us conserve the Long Shop, an outstanding historic grade 2* listed building, once a world leader of industrial development.This unique, iconic industrial building is in need of significant repair and restoration in particular to its roof and windows. The work is supported by Historic England, and the Pilgrim Trust, but we still need significant further help before this important work can begin. Any contribution, however small, you are able to make will be used to help us preserve this wonderful building for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.
    £197,000.00 donated of £500,000.00 goal

  1. General Support

    If you would like to support our wider ambitions for improving visitor experience, providing more and better services to our comunity and helping us to ensure the long term sustainability of the Museum then this is a fantastic and effective way to help. Your donation may be used in a number of ways, perhaps to update its displays and interpretation or to enhance our collection or maintain and repair our historic buildings.
    £1,832.00 donated

Other Ways of Supporting Us

Leave a lasting gift

Leaving a gift in your Will is a fantastic way to ensure that future generations discover and are inspired by how this corner of rural Suffolk generated pioneering, world renowned and award-winning products of the industrial age.

A recent £10,000 legacy was enormously helpful in attaining partner funding for repair and improvement grants and, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we can continue to tell great stories by providing a meaningful visitor experience.

Every gift in every Will makes a difference no matter how large or small. Whether you decide to leave £50, £5,000 or more, it will all help us to achieve our mission. Thank you.

For further info contact us Buy Xanax Prescription Online

Sponsor a Room or Exhibit

If you would like to consider sponsoring one of our exhibits, or even one of our museum areas and would like to speak to us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Simply email Buy Valium Cambodia or call us on 01728 832189 and speak to one of our staff.

Join The Long Shop 100 Club

Our 100 club is a simple prize money draw, it’s a great way of supporting us and maybe winning prizes at the same time!

Each month a draw takes place and half that month’s membership subscriptions are awarded to lucky winners as a first and second prize, the remainder goes to support the Museum.  As membership is small the chance of winning any particular draw is high!

The minimum membership payment is only £1 a week, payments must be automated by a bank standing order. There is no minimum period of membership, subscription may be cancelled at any time. Click Buy Xanax 2Mg Cheap to download a membership form.

Donate free while shopping on-line!

Order Alprazolam Online From Canada is the UK’s biggest charity shopping fundraising site. It’s simple to use and it’s free. Thousands of retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, the trainline and Sainsburys are registered with easyfundraising and they will donate to The Long Shop each time you shop with them via the easyfundraising web site, there’s no cost to you!

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to Order Cheap Valium Online
  2. Sign up for free
  3. Follow the directions about how to use the service and… get shopping!!
  4. The donation from the retailer you use will be automatically sent to The Long Shop Museum.

Payroll Giving

Many employers operate a Payroll Giving Scheme for charities. If yours does, please consider nominating the Long Shop Museum to receive your support!

Find more information, Buy Ambien In Europe or speak to your employer.