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Telephone: 01728 832189
Email: info@longshopmuseum.co.uk

Order Valium Online Europe

Leiston Works, or Garretts was a family business from 1778 to 1932, after which the company passed into the hands of Beyer Peacock. The works finally closed in 1981. The historic core was preserved and opened as a museum in 1984.

circle plate bg col‘The Long Shop’ itself is a very early example of a building designed for assembly-line production. It is grade II* listed, and the water tower is grade II listed.

The museum’s collections relate to the Garrett family, the draftsmen, engineers and other craftsmen who worked here; the engines, tools, vehicles and machines that were made here, and the impact of the Works on this small Suffolk town.

A Jarrold guide to the Long Shop is available from the Museum Shop.