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Telephone: 01728 832189
  • Richard Toller - Minsmere

photo-13Other good things to do nearby

The Long Shop is minutes from some of the most beautiful stretches of Suffolk’s glorious coastline. All around you’ll find pretty villages and lovely country lanes. Here are some ideas to help build your trip to the museum into the perfect Suffolk day out.

Leiston Film Theatre
Suffolk’s oldest cinema, the town’s film theatre was built by the Garrett family and opened in 1914. Some 3pm and 5pm screenings. Five minutes walk.
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Just E-bikes
The museum is 2 minutes from Suffolk’s electric bike- hire company, which offers charge points in villages and towns throughout Suffolk’s heritage coast.
Buy Valium Cambodia

Sizewell Belts Reserve
Suffolk Wildlife Trust. 20 mins walk. 5 mins by bike. 3 mins by car.
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RSPB Minsmere
10 mins drive. 18 mins by bike.
Order Alprazolam Online From Canada

Sizewell Beach
Super beach with plentiful parking, a great cafe, beach combing, paddling and swimming.

Main Photo: Minsmere by Richard Toller.