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Discover Industrial Revolution Suffolk

The Long shop Museum tells an inspiring story of enterprise and endeavour in this small Suffolk town and its remarkable factory. Displays are housed in a cluster of original grade II listed buildings.

Amongst them is the Long Shop itself – named by workers ‘The Cathedral’.

slide4 400Explore our atmospheric galleries and you’ll find fantastic collections and great hands-on activities. Here are some of our visitors’ favourites.

  • Our cosy living van – as used by road makers, shepherds and other farm workers in years gone by.
  • Have a go at making moulds with our pattern boxes.
  • Guns and ammunition including sections of the Mulberry harbours.
  • Loads of clothes for dressing up.
  • The wonderful Richard Garrett ‘Victomatic’ Dry Cleaning Machine.
  • Stunning design including gorgeous name plates.
  • The water tower with its 148m well – the deepest in Suffolk.
  • Consuelo Allen, Princess Marina and other glorious traction engines.
  • The spectacular Long Shop itself – an icon of industrial Britain.

And there are 200 years of inspiring and intriguing stories to discover.

  • Elizabeth Garrett – the first woman Doctor.
  • Leiston goes to The Great Exhibition.
  • Suffolk’s industrial town – home to the county’s oldest cinema.
  • Sirapite, the continuing story of the Works’ rare shunting engine.

We recommend you allow at least 2 hours for your visit.