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Collections Spotlight – Sickle and Fox Head

We have decided to start a ‘Collections Spotlight’ for our museum objects! Today, the objects we are showcasing are the items that Garretts started out with: sickles! And a unique fox head…can you guess what it was used for? S?i?c?k?l?e?s The very first Richard Garrett came to Leiston in 1778... Read More


Here’s a question for the day: how often do you take photos? Even if they’re just selfies, photos of your house, you and your family on holiday or a wonderful picture of your dog or cat, it’s important to take photos as a way to remember happy memories from the... Read More

Steam Showcase – Princess Marina

Since the museum is closed at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to put information about our lovely engines online for those who would like to read about them! Here is one for our very own Princess Marina. Princess Marina is a 4CD Tractor and was... Read More

Temporary Museum Closure

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Following advice from the Government and Public Health England regarding social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) the Long Shop Museum is temporarily closed until further notice The health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff is our top priority. We will monitor and review... Read More
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Leiston Life During a Pandemic

The past few months have certainly been a shock and an uncertain time for everyone due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Most of our normal routines have been halted, such as going to work, on holiday or even just popping to the shops. Big events such as VE Day celebrations... Read More
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COVID-19 Long Shop Museum Update

Due to the recent publishing of the government guidelines on the COVID-19 situation, the Museum has made the difficult decision to SUSPEND ALL MUSEUM EVENTS for the foreseeable future. This will unfortunately include our popular Steam Up! event, which was scheduled to be held at the end of this month.... Read More