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A Happy new year from the trustees, Staff and volunteers of the Long Shop Museum! Looking back.  Our ‘Deck the Halls’ event on the 1st December 2018 was great way to start the Christmas period. We were fully booked and had a great atmosphere in our historic grade 2* listed Long... Buy Soma Online Cod Fedex

Buy Xanax From Usa

We have opened for the 2019 season and are now offering all our visitors the chance once again to see our fantastic museum, telling the fascinating story of the Garrett Family, the Leiston Engineering Works and its important part in the industrial revolution. We have a huge collection of products made... Buy Real Diazepam Online

Buy Xanax On Internet

Towards the end of the 1920s Garretts produced both single and double-decker electric trolley buses. Built for agility, and unlike the older steam vehicles constructed as far as possible of lightweight material, very few have survived and the Leiston museum has only a bare chassis to display (behind the Long... Buy Phentermine Australia

Buy Diazepam Legally Online

It was only after a Garrett wagon crashed through the wall of the Post Office that steam power was introduced to the Works railway. The expanding Eastern Counties Railway (soon to become part of the Great Eastern) had reached Leiston in 1859 and Richard Garret lost no time building a... Buy 10Mg Valium Uk

How Can. I Order Real Zolpidem

On Wednesday 26th October during half term we celebrated the Big Draw Festival by holding a Workshop Wednesday led by Rachel and Michael from the Royal School of Drawing, London. The day gave families the opportunity to tell the story of steam through drawing BIG inspired by our magnificent engines and... Cheap Ambien Cr

Buy Diazepam With Debit Card

The Long Shop Museum in Leiston welcomed two local Girl Guide groups to celebrate National Women in Engineering Day 2016 with a special evening event on June 23rd. Guides from Leiston and Knodishall were joined at the museum by BT engineer Debbie Lewis who provided an interactive People Like Me... Buy Diazepam Online 5Mg