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Here’s a question for the day: how often do you take photos?

Even if they’re just selfies, photos of your house, you and your family on holiday or a wonderful picture of your dog or cat, it’s important to take photos as a way to remember happy memories from the past. They also allow people in the distant future to look back on what life was like back decades or even centuries before them! Overall, it’s a great way to tell people “Look! I was here and this is what I did!”

Times like these are especially important for taking photos as well. Historians will be able to look back at photos that were taken during the pandemic and be able to match them with the written word of articles, social media posts and people’s accounts to fully understand what the world was going through.

So, why not see if you can take a few photos around the house and of your life while isolating at home? Take a photo of the road outside if it is quiet, of your family watching the news on the progression of the virus, or maybe even do a themed photography series on what’s going on. Once you’re done, how about sending them over to the museum as part of our “Leiston Life During a Pandemic” project? We will be archiving and producing either a pop-up display or a display on our website in the future! To get involved, send over your photos to our email:

Also, while you’re here, attached to this post are some photos that we have in our collection from Leiston in the 60s and 70s. We usually have a display in the Long Shop with these images where visitors can write down whether they know anyone in the photos. However, due to the museum being closed, let’s see if we can do it online!

Have a gander at these photos and see if you can recognise where they were taken, or perhaps who is in them! Did you live in Leiston during these periods and know any of these people’s names? Or perhaps you know what was going on in some of them! Comment below and it would really help us out with recording our history through the wonderful ways of photography!