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Telephone: 01728 832189

Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap

The Long Shop Museum offers learners of all ages an atmospheric and historic environment, rich with collections and stories from the past.


We specialise in KS2 sessions and offer tours and high quality curriculum based workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.

Do get in contact with our Learning & Outreach Co-ordinator to create a visit suited to your current subjects and themes.

Facilities for schools
  • Free coach parking on site for mini buses and small coaches, drop off point for large coaches and turning area.
  • Indoor and outdoor picnic areas
  • Storage for bags
  • Inspiring and safe learning environments in the museum and our modern education room.
  • Shop with pocket money items, or pre-paid gift bag option
  • Accessible toilets
  • Wheelchair access to all of site expect upstairs in Long Shop building due to original steps.
  • Outside garden with space for break times and games.
For Teachers
  • Free entry for teachers and other accompanying adults for sessions in the museum.
  • Free planning visits for teachers.
  • Resources to support your visit before, during and after your visit.

Our Current Offers

Victorian Apprentice Days

Pupils come for a full day to experience the life of a Garrett Apprentice. Pupils take part in a selection of six activities including sessions with costumed characters, roll-play, hands-on craft activities and object handling. There are two other variations of the Apprentice day:

KS2 Union Discussion:

Pupils are introduced to real-life scenarios involving workers and managers. We ask them to weigh up the different arguments and draw their own conclusions over whether the workers should set up a union.

KS1 Victorian/Within Living Memory Day:

The workshop can be adapted to suit a younger class, exploring Changes within living memory and bringing in significant historical figures in the locality, such as Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson, first British female Doctor and Mayor. This can be a whole or half day session.

Whole day (10am-2.30pm) per pupil: £5 per pupil for schools within local area. Includes a pre-visit from our volunteers in character. (Added travel expenses cost for schools further afield)

Half day (10am-12.30pm, or 12pm-2.30pm) per pupil: £3 (Depending on activities and if pre-visit is required)

 Maximum group size: 60 pupils

Changes in Medicine

Pupils can discover the risks and dangers of a Victorian Factory and meet a Barber Surgeon, compare and examine medical objects, explore natural remedies, and find out more about Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson, Britain’s first female doctor!

Maximum group size: 30 pupils

£3 for a half day session.

Curriculum links

KS2 History
  • Local history study.
  • A significant turning point in history.
  • Study of a theme or aspect of British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.
  • Understanding how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.
KS2 English
  • Draw on new vocabulary from reading and listening.
  • Nurture pupils listening skills and their ability to describe, interpret and discuss.
  • Engage pupils with museum objects as sources of inspiration and knowledge.
  • Develop critical thinking.

Why not come on a self led visit?

Ideal visit time: One and a half hours.

Maximum group size: 30 pupils

Price per pupil: £2.50, teachers and accompanying adults free.

Talk to our Learning and Outreach Co-ordinator about resources that could be used during your visit, and any additional extras such as meeting costumed characters and object handling sessions.

Whats New?

We have recently developed new KS3 sessions based on previous informal workshops. These are based around Suffragettes, World War One: To Fight or Not To Fight?, and Industrialisation & Change.

Booking and Further Information

We are often able to adapt our offerings to meet specific requirements and always pleased to receive enquiries and to provide further information. Please contact us on Buy Xanax Prescription Online

Key documents:

To book a self led visit or delivered session at the museum, please get in touch with the Learning & Outreach Co-ordinator to discuss your requirements, and send a completed booking form below after confirming.

Our schools booking form:

Buy Valium Cambodia

The Long Shop Museum school visit Risk Assessment:

(Teachers are advised to carry out a free pre-visit to the site and complete their own assessment.)

Buy Xanax 2Mg Cheap

Information about our KS2 Victorian Apprentice Day:

Order Alprazolam Online From Canada